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Miley Cyrus is insisting that her engagement to actor Liam Hemsworth is still on.  Speaking to Lara Spencer on Wednesday's "Good Morning America," the singer slammed the rumors in just a few words. 

When asked about having to deal with her family issues in the public eye, Miley said that while it can be difficult, she feels "haters" can serve a purpose.  She said that she's come to realize that people who criticize her also are the ones who watch her YouTube videos and ultimately help her career. 

The video for her latest single "We Can't Stop" has broken the Vevo record for most number of views in a 24-hour period.  The 20-year-old said the song is meant to be inspirational for those in her "age group," who just want to "have fun, and not stress out, or worry about being judged.", her collaborator on another song "Fall Down," also sat down to talk about Miley's upcoming album, admitting that when he first heard it, he didn't realize it was her singing.

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