So, Time Magazine posted this calculator to find out how much of your life you've spent on Facebook.  It doesn't post to your page, but it does take your profile and do some math based on how long you've been a member and how often you post.  The only variable is that you tell them how much time per day you spend on social media. The average person spends 17 minutes a day, I used 30, which I think is a pretty fair estimate.

So, I thought "Hey, this might be fun, and it only takes a minute".  And then it started scrolling up....and up....and up....and this is what came up.



Now, to be fair, I manage three radio station social media profiles, so I knew I would be online more than the average person, but HOLY CRAP. 41 DAYS!?!?!?! That's like, an oh my God number.

So, how much of your life have you withered away on Facebook? Calculate it here and share with us on OUR Facebook! (And yes, the irony in that statement is absolutely intentional).  

Find out your number here

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