Last night, we had a crazy turnout for Selena Gomez.  Tons of posters mentioning the radio many of you that came by and said hello, and lemme tell you - I LOVE you guys.  I know so many of you by name now and really look forward to seeing you every time we're out. 

There's one thing that happened though that truly made my night, and maybe my year - and that was being able to make a little girl's year a little bit better.

See, Kayli's grandfather had bought her tickets to the show, but was tragically killed weeks ago in a car accident.  Because the card that had bought the tickets had been deactivated, Kayli was in danger of not being able to go to the show at all.  After what she'd been through, I didn't want to let that happen.

I saw Kayli's story and wanted to help, so we went to work and found some tickets AND backstage passes for her to meet her idol.

I, for one, love doing stuff like this.  In radio too often we take something like meeting a popstar for granted. To see Kayli's face light up when she found out that, not only would she still get to see the concert, but she would get the experience to meet Selena - well, that's why we do this for a living.  Put aside the music, the contests, and everything else that we love about our job - being able to make someone's life better is why we do what we do.  

Check out the video of Kayli finding out that she would meet Selena below:

See the full story from WHAS11 here