Photo: Getty Images

By Kathleen Perricone

The iPhone 6 is coming soon … and not soon enough since Ryan recently dropped his 5 and shattered the screen.

We don’t know much about it, besides that it will be thinner and will have more emojis, so On Air with Ryan Seacrest called up the authority, iJustine, to give us the latest.

And one of the iPhone 6′s new and fancy functions? Wireless charging!

“Most of the wireless charging I’ve seen was rumored for the iWatch,” iJustine explains. “Technically, there is still wires because you’ll be setting the phone or the watch onto some sort of dock, like a charging pad or something similar to a mouse pad and that will be plugged into the wall. So you’ll just be setting your device onto that and it will have a little electronic handshake with that device and it will charge it wirelessly.”

And what about those new emojis they promised us back in July because our praise hands are exhausted?

“I’m sure they’re waiting for the new iOS release, and that’s iOS 8,” says iJustine. “I wasn’t even expecting they’d release it on the current gen … September 9 is the big announcement for the new iPhone 6, so I’m assuming they’ll release the new iOS at that time.”