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Not all actors make movies out of love.  Sometimes it's not even for the money.  Sometimes they make them because they're stuck in a contract they can't get out of.  Here are four examples . . .


1.  Mike Myers as "The Cat in the Hat".  After "Austin Powers", Universal offered Myers $20 million to make a movie based on his "Saturday Night Live" character Dieter.  But Myers hated the script and backed out.


Dueling lawsuits ensued, but they settled by agreeing to make another movie together.  It turned out to be "The Cat in the Hat", which was a disappointment both critically and commercially.


2.  Jennifer Garner as "Elektra".  Jennifer only made this because her "Daredevil" contract locked her into a spin-off.  She even told her then-boyfriend Michael Vartan she thought it was "awful".  It ended up making $24 million at the box office, making it one of the worst-performing Marvel movies ever.


3.  Val Kilmer in "Top Gun".  Sure, it turned out to be one of his biggest movies, but he didn't want to do it.  He HAD to, because it was the third film in a three-picture deal with Paramount.  The first two were "Top Secret" and "Real Genius".


4.  Keanu Reeves in "The Watcher".  Keanu claimed a friend FORGED his signature on the contract for this 2000 serial killer flick . . . and rather than go to court, he decided to just make the movie.