With the huge celebrity hacking scandal that happened this week, maybe you're wondering how to protect YOURSELF from having nude selfies leaked online.  Here are seven tips.





1.  Don't take naked pictures in the first place.  Even though it's not practical in this day and age, not taking nude pics is really the only 100% GUARANTEED way to avoid having them end up online. 


But since you're going to do it anyway, let's explore some other options . . .


2.  If you DO take naked selfies, DON'T upload them to the internet.  Meaning the cloud, a website, social media, emailing them . . . anything do with the internet.


3.  Enable two-step verification on anything and everything that offers it.  Especially cloud services you upload your important files to.


4.  Encrypt your files before uploading.  That way, even if someone manages to get their hands on your data, they won't be able to do anything with it.


5.  Remember that apps like Snapchat aren't as innocent as they seem.  Snapchats are never really gone, and there's always the possibility that someone could take a screenshot of your nude pic.  It's not nearly as safe as it wants you to believe.


6.  If you have an iPhone, just deleting the photo from your phone isn't enough.  It's convenient to have your pictures automatically sent to the cloud, but it can come back to bite you.  So you'll also have to remove them from your Photo Streamand make sure the pics weren't synced to other devices.


7.  If it's already out there, you've got options.  If the worst happens and your nude pics end up online, you're probably never going to be able to wipe them away entirely . . . but there things you can do.


If it winds up on an actual porn site, they'll generally be good about taking down photos if you ask.  


And if you end up somewhere worse, like a revenge porn site, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act can help you out.  Just head to their website to request the pictures be taken down.


And if THAT still doesn't work, the police will be ready to step in if necessary.