"Grande-ing" Is The Latest Dating Trend

Finally, a dating trend that we can all get behind. So many times we hear of dating trends that involve ghosting or cheating. But after the rise of “Thank U, Next,” it’s about time we all started being grateful at the end of our relationships.


“Grande-ing” is inspired by our queen, Ariana Grande. It’s when you look back on your relationship and think of all of the things it gave you instead of being bitter about the whole thing. According to a survey by Plenty of Fish, about half of people have admitted to Grande-ing in the past to help them get past a breakup, and most of those people were women.


What should we take from all of this? It’s about time we started thinking about our relationships as the positives they once were – even if you’ve broken up on really bad terms. Reducing your negative thoughts can have a ton of mental health benefits, so we should all try our hands at Grande-ing!


Source: Metro

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